Super Series Saturday – Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling

Published February 16, 2014 by chrisalys820


Harry Potter. I doubt there are very many people who doesn’t know who he is or the series of books that were written about him. But just in case, here’s a rundown.

Orphan Boy living with his aunt and uncle finds out he’s a wizard. But, shh, auntie and uncle don’t like magic. Boy gets a chance to go to wizard school and meet others like himself. He makes one friend on the train to school and then another after rescuing a girl from a troll in the bathroom. He also gets given an Invisibility Cloak by a mysterious person. Someone is trying to steal something from the school. For some reason, the only ones who realize it are Orphan Boy, Train Friend and Bathroom Friend, a bunch of 11 year olds. I should say that Bathroom Friend is über smart and Train Friend isn’t all that smart. So they stop the big bad person from stealing the magic rock from the school. Turns out, the big bad person is the Super Bad Dude who killed Orphan Boy’s parents. The three are heralded as heros and win their house (dorm) a cup that says that they are better than the other houses.

On to book two!

Orphan Boy is back at Aunt and Uncle Magic Hater’s house and he thinks his friends have forvotten him. Why? Because a house elf has been stealing his mail. House Elf is trying to prevent Orphan Boy from going back to wizard school. House Elf ruins a dinner party being given by Aunt and Uncle Magic Hater and Uncle Magic Hater locks Orphan Boy in his bedroom. Train Friend comes with his older brothers, Twin 1 and Twin 2, in their flying car and rescue Orphan Boy. There he eats breakfast with Train Friend, the Twins and their Stuffy Older Brother and Little Sister, who has a crush on Orphan Boy. Then it’s time to leave for the train. Train Friend and Orphan Boy can’t get through the barrier to the train. Why? House Elf again. So they take the flying car! They get in trouble-ish when they get to school and they are very sorry. Bad things start happening. People start getting frozen and words appearing to be written in blood start showing up on the walls. Finally Little Sister gets kidnapped and it’s up to Orphan Boy and Train Friend to rescue her. Bathroom Friend has been frozen. Train Friend gets trapped in a collapsed tunnel. Orphan Boy rescues Little Sister and finds out that she was kidnapped by a ghost of a younger Super Bad Dude that was living inside a book. Orphan Boy stabs the book with the fang of a giant snake and he and Little Sister get out of there. By that time, Train Friend has cleared enough of the collapsed tunnel for them to get through. The frozen people wake up.

Book Three!

OB’s Godfather, who betrayed OB’s parents to SBD, has escaped from prison! It is also the year that OB and his classmates get to leave school and go to the nearby village… if they have the permission slip signed. Which OB doesn’t. So he’s moping around school and gets stopped by the Twins. They give him a magic map which shows where all of the people in school are and some secret passages. He runs and grabs his Invisibility Cloak and leaves school using the map. Throughout the book Godfather has been sighted around school and eventually is discovered by the Trio and a teacher. Turns out, the teacher was friends with OB’s parents and Godfather. He’s also a Werewolf. TF has a pet rat who isn’t a rat at all. He’s really the Ratfink who betrayed OB’s parents. Ratfink escapes and Godfather gets captured and is about to get his soul stolen and BF pulls out a magic necklace that allows her to go back in time. She and OB go back in time and rescue Godfather.

Book Four!

Magic Broom Ball World Cup! TF’s dad has tickets. OB and crew head off to the World Cup. They watch some Magic Broom Ball and start heading off to their tent. SBD’s symbol is flashed in the sky and his followers are running around. Mayhem ensues. Everyone goes home and the kids head off to school. There are special guests at school! Students from other wizard schools are there to compete for another cup. One student from each of the three schools will compete. The competitors are revealed. Ordinary Boy (OB2), from OB’s school, Pretty Girl from School Two and Athlete Boy from School Three. But, alas! There is a fourth competitor! Orphan Boy! The teachers from the other schools protest and Crazy Teacher (from OB’s school) says that a fourth year student couldn’t have done the magic to get his name added to the competitors. Everyone accepts that and the Tournament goes on! Event One is stealing an egg from a dragon. OB2 tells OB to take a bath with the egg. OB finds out that Event Two has to do with mermaids. House Elf shows up to help OB. OB finds out that TF has been taken and OB has to rescue TF from the lake. OB rescues TF and PG’s little sister. Third Event is a maze. OB and OB2 make it to the end of the maze together. They get transported to a graveyard where Ratfink is waiting for OB. SBD’s followers join them and OB2 is killed. Soon, they are joined by SBD and SBD tries to kill OB. OB escapes and is greeted by Crazy Teacher. Or rather, a man who has taken a magic potion to make him look like CT. Fake CT gets his soul taken and everyone is sad over OB2’s death.

Book Five

OB’s school has a New Teacher who is working for the government. And she doesn’t want to teach them anything practical. She only wants to teach them things that’ll be on the test. Things they can’t use in the real world. (Algebra, anyone?) So OB and friends start a club to learn things they need to know. So, everyone learns what they need to know. Then, they are found out by NT and taken and trapped. Meanwhile, OB has intelligence that SBD has Godfather and is going to kill him. So OB and crew need to escape to rescue Godfather. Turns out, SBD doesn’t have Godfather. Godfather shows up to rescue OB and crew and gets killed. Sad sad sad.

Book Six

Headmaster retrieves OB from Aunt and Uncle Magic Hater’s house and takes him to visit an Old Professor of OB’s parents. Headmaster tries to convince OP to come back to wizard school. OP says “no” but then he chances his mind. OB goes to school and Headmaster asks him to try to retrieve a memory from OP. He, after much trouble, succeeds. And then Headmaster is killed. Sad sad sad.

Book Seven

OB, TF and BF have to find the seven things that are keeping SBD alive and destroy them. They find out that a few of them have already been found and destroyed. The Trio goes on a quest and eventually end up back at wizard school. Then a battle between the good guys and SBD’s followers breaks out. OB is killed! But he isn’t really dead. Because he sacrificed himself for others, he can come back to life. And he does. And he ends up killing SBD. Among the dead are one of the Twins and Werewolf and his wife. In the epilogue, OB is married to LS and they have three kids. TF and BF are married with two kids. And some of those kids are off to wizard school.

Seven books of fantastic-ness. Everyone needs to read them… 😀

I feel like I wrote the first draft of a book report. 🙂

Stay awesome ♥ Christa


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